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From Greek graphos, which means composed, creating. grapheme – the smallest semantic (which means) unit of composed language, equating loosely to a phoneme of speech. Graphemes include things like alphabet letters, typographic ligatures, Chinese people, numerical digits, punctuation marks, and other unique symbols of producing techniques. hash – also identified as the ‘number sign’ (#), and in US/Canada and nations applying US vernacular the ‘pound sign’, because it refers alternatively to the United kingdom £ (sterling forex) symbol.

The hash/pound image frequently seems bottom appropriate on telephone keypads and is considerable in confirming many telecommunications and functions. The hash image has also develop into sizeable in computerized and web performance and info business, as notably in the ‘hashtag’ . hashtag – a hashtag is the use of the hash (#) image as a prefix for an identifying identify relating to information or facts of some class or commonality that may perhaps be sorted or grouped or analyzed, most famously in modern instances on social media internet sites these types of as Twitter.

In simple fact the use of the hash symbol for computerized sorting and investigation functions to start with started in Web Relay Chat Programs, initially formulated in the late eighties. The hashtag is a big case in point of the expanding simplification, streamlining, coding and internationalization of language, and particularly to this finish, of the integration best custom writing of quantities and symbols within words and letters and digital communications to improve speeds of communicating and accessibility, and to minimize the quantity of characters essential to express a presented that means, and also to manage and distribute communications-connected details. hendiadys – a sort of tautology which for spectacular influence or emphasis expresses two features or factors individually alternatively than by (much more obviously and competently) combining them, for illustration: “The rain and damp fell incessantly. “holonym – a whole factor in relation to a section of the total, for instance the term ‘car’ is a holonym in relation to ‘wheel’ or to ‘engine’. From Greek holon, entire, and onuma, name. heteronym – heteronym refers to each and every of two (or additional) terms which have the very same spelling but pretty distinct meanings, for case in point important (to a doorway or lock) and essential (in music).

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Wherever the sound is diverse these kinds of phrases are also known as heterophones . The place the seem is the same such text are also identified as homonyms . Furthermore and in a different way heteronym refers to one phrases which are quite unique but mean the same, both thanks to geographical variations, for illustration fender and bumper (the US/United kingdom-English words for protective design entrance/rear of motor autos, and so forth), or owing to distinct etymology , for illustration sofa and sofa, or pet and hound. From Greek, heteros, other, and the suffix ‘ onym ‘, which refers to a variety of title. heterograph – a significantly less popular term than and equating to a heteronym , i. e. , 1 of two or more terms with the same spelling, but various meaning and different origin, and may be pronounced the similar or otherwise. heterophone – this is a heteronym that is pronounced otherwise to its relevant terms, (i. e. , the other term[s] which cause each individual to be a heteronym).

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From Greek heteros, other, and telephone, audio or voice. Illustrations of heterophones include things like entrance (entry, and set somebody in a trance), row (row a boat, and row that means argue), wind (a wind that blows, and wind up a clock).

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heteronym – 1 of two or much more words and phrases with the identical spelling, but diverse this means and distinct origin, and might be pronounced the very same or differently.

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