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Even in colleges that say their essay is “optional,” you should definitely write one. This can be critical to your admission decision. If you were in the bank in the percentage of essays read by college admissions staff, I would assume it would be over the 90s. Essays are an important part of school presentation. With increasing competition for admission, essays have become an important factor when considering your admission to school..

Feel free to contact me for samples while collecting excellent essays from the students I work with. At Story To College, we learn how to find the most honest and accurate stories and turn them into powerful essays for admissions staff to remember. We offer college admission essay courses and admission courses to help all of our students achieve their best. We are excited to host our first essay course in Atlanta this summer, starting May 29th. Find the right course at or call us to speak with an expert at .

So if an essay is required in school, it is most likely to be read. If the school has a written section for its application in the General Application, you can be sure that ALL of these letters are evaluated by the admissions staff. Do your best and assume it WILL be read and relevant to your chances of acceptance. It is not possible to identify a typical college application handling scenario. In any case, at least one selection committee employee will review your essay..

He acquaints the reader with the essence and beyond the story with no more than 500 words. An excellent essay is a unique story that talks about the key qualities that college can offer. This is why an excellent college essay is personal. This excellent essay is highly descriptive and helps the reader become 3D. It starts immediately with a concrete story – from running in the rain to a marathon, pouring water twice at customers – and supports us from the first word to the last…

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Essays give receptionists a glimpse into the applicant’s real world. You may wonder how a great school would have managed to read thousands of essays, but you can be sure that they hire additional staff if necessary to make sure the entire application is carefully reviewed. The number of readers depends on the candidate’s “limit” and the number of candidates being processed. So I do my best in this part of the app.

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